Outdoor Workout

Out Doors –  Workout

This week’s picture blog is all about Out Doors – Workout. It’s an Easy to follow workout routine, no equipment required.

Exercise: Walkouts with Alternating Hyper-extensions

Muscles Worked: Shoulders, Abs, Upper and Lower Back

Benefits: Flexibility, Core strength, Upper Body Strength, and Core Stability

Number of reps: 10-12

Number of sets: 4-5

Step One: Standing position, feet a little wider than shoulder width apart

Step Two: Keeping legs as straight as possible bend forward at the hips till hands are on the ground

Modification: Bend knees if needed


Walk hands out until in full hand plank position making sure to keep back flat and abs tight.

Modification: Bend knees if required


Step Four:

Engaging core tightly lift one arm w/ opposite leg up of the ground till in extended position (repeat movement on opposite side)

Modification: Keeping leg down lift arm then bring arm down to stable position before lifting opposite leg (repeat movement on opposite side)



Step Five:

with hands and feet securely back on the ground, keeping your legs straight walk your hands back till you are back in starting standing upright position.

Modification: bend knees if needed on the way back




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