Hayley Deien

Tabata Instructor & Personal Trainer

My Story…

Hayley Deien Tabata Instructor

I am a personal trainer based in Boca Raton FL providing Tabata Bootcamp™ workouts, fat burning workouts, boot camps, specific tailored exercise routines, bodyweight exercises and TRX workouts

I am passionate about health and fitness and helping others reach their goals. I am aware of the importance of support and building a 1-1 relationship with clients to build self-esteem enabling a healthier lifestyle!

Many clients are conscious of their weight and tend to be a weight ‘watcher’ becoming frustrated with calorie counting and losing weight using quick weight loss methods. I am able to empower you to lose weight by eating healthily and taking part in a workout program designed to meet your needs.

I am big Tabata fan and believe that, Tabata will completely change the way that you look at exercise! Challenge your body with a high intensity workout, shaving time off your workouts and enjoy the benefits of smarter training!

My background is health and fitness; In addition I have studied humanistic counselling therapy, Mat Pilates, group exercise, TRX and Tabata Bootcamp™ workouts.

I often Blog about fitness, Personal Trainer Advantages, Balance Training, Danger foods and more. Please read and subscribe to my FitnessBlog to get Fit & Stay Fit. You can also subscribe to our YouTube Channel for Tabata – Fitness Video’s

My Credentials
  • AFFA personal trainer (AFAA)
  • AFFA group exercise instructor
  • Tabata Bootcamp™ instructor
  • AFFA mat Pilates
  • Personal trainer
  • TRX Instructor
Gym Affiliations

Tabata Instructor & Personal Trainer

Fitness Expert
Tabata Expert

Our Memeber’s Speak for us…

 John Doe

Cynthia W

Hi…I would like to thank Hayley for giving me my first fitness routines, never looked back…I was overweight and didn’t believe in myself…through her encouragement and support I lost weight and got fit…and at 57 I m now in the best shape of my life. What I love the most is Hayley continues to push herself and is always learning new routines to pass on to people like me …..thank you

“Cynthia W” Date: 4/14/2014

 John Doe

Susan R.

I have always dreaded exercise. Haley Deien not only made it enjoyable but she has transformed my body. I feel better and look better. She is pleasant, always on time, and very, very knowledgeable about what she does. She is great!

”Susan R. ” Date: 4/14/2014