Burpee Workout

Burpee Workout

The burpee workout is a full-body exercise that can work almost every muscle in the body. It incorporates three exercises in one; squatting, push-ups, and jumping. Historically, the burpee was used by the military to test recruits for strength and agility. Nowadays, it is incorporated into fitness routines to help increase strength and stamina. Burpee workouts can buildup muscle and get you into shape faster than most exercises, because they burn fat and increase power. With the improvement in your muscular endurance, burpees can also effectively increase your cardio endurance, by keeping your heart rate near its maximum.

In the original form of the burpee workout, legs are wide with hands in-between the feet. The lower legs are used to bend down, as if you’re sitting back into a chair. Extend your feet back in one quick motion, and then back to original position, with wider legs. Return to the standing position, followed by a huge jump, and then repeat the cycle.

Learn the proper form and perfect the basic burpee before you modify the exercise to make it more challenging. Once you have the technique down, it’s then a case of selecting the correct burpee workout for your level and aims.

how to do burpees

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Modified Burpees:

X Burpee:

The X burpee is the same as an original burpee, starting with the legs together. Bend down to split out the legs very wide into an X shape and back again; follow by a hard jump to the top with feet together. Keep the motion going, making it more difficult. Make sure the hands are up and nice and wide. Jump really high, driving the knees up, and slapping the hands up high.

Lateral Burpee:

The Lateral burpee is an original burpee that changes the vertical jump to a jump to the left or the right over an object after each burpee as quickly as can. Alternate sides as jump for one complete set. Keep hips down and low. For a slow lateral jump, try jumping as far and long as possible.

3 Jumping Jack Burpee:

The 3 jumping jack burpee starts with 3 jumping jacks, followed by an original burpee. Make sure to keep it clean and quick. Snap the pushups as fast can, followed by 3 jumping jacks. Keep arms and legs rigid while completing jumping jacks.

Frog Hopper:

The frog hopper burpee adds a bouncing hop/kick while in pushup position. The feet are extended up and out (not full extension) off the ground 3 times. The motion is slow keeping hips nice and low.

Quiet Burpee:

The quiet burpee is a low impact version of the original burpee. Standing with feet together, slowly walk hands out into a push up position and back. Stand up, and put hands over head, but no hard jump. As exercise is repeated, alternate starting leg each time. Keep the movements controlled, seeing how quiet can be while doing exercise.

Burpees are a core strength workout. Try them and you will feel your legs, thighs, arms, and chest muscles all burning at the same time. They will begin to feel and look better. Resist the tendency to hold your breath while exercising, as the abs muscles are tightly engaged. Make sure your lungs are open at all times. Try a few sets and you will definitely feel the fat and calorie burning ramp going up gradually. It’s no wonder that athletes, military forces, and now many fitness programs are including burpees in their workouts.

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